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Our Work Flow


Review Briefs

Based on the briefs and client requirements that we receive, we propose creative treatments in response and follow through with a pitch upon request. . We then embark on some research and development.



Strewn across the South African landscape are townships known as “kasi”, serving as a reminder of the country’s tumultuous. Characterized as poverty-stricken, violent and undesirable; the effect of townships often causes people to avert their gaze in order to deny their existence. But as Leburugraphy, we choose to extend our lens into these colorful townships and mine the hidden gems within.
Tips and Tricks:
1. Don’t complicate the story.
Yes, people love drama. However, first focus your attention on the intricacies and beauty of the story at hand. Build a solid frame and then begin to color in the picture.
2. Do your research
The pitfalls of many writers is creating an exciting story with an excessive amount of plotlines. The majority of the South African audience is very familiar with the townships and the cultures within so they will quickly pick up anything that feels inauthentic. The minute too many plot lines become visible, the enjoyment of your story is compromised.
That brings us to our third tip:
3. Craft Believable Characters
It’s very easy to create caricatures of what we think each person is like and how they will behave. However, always keep in mind that “everybody” has their reasons. Each person has a different rhythm of speaking, manner of behaving and way in which they approach situations and solve problems. Make sure that you have an in-depth understanding of your characters as that will greatly strengthen your story.



Focusing on upcoming talent and our youth centric approach to a young audience, Leburugraphy Pictures has played an instrumental role in nurturing talents of young actors, actresses, videographers & photographers on various projects under the Leburugraphy Pictures portfolio. These individuals range from various educational institutions such as University Of Witswatersrand, University Of Johannesburg, City Varsity, Tshwane University of Technology and AFDA Film school – JHB & KZN to mention a few.

We are always welcome and open to fresh and new talent. Feel free to send through a brief monologue, showreel, curriculum vitae and any visual references to our whatsapp contact number or email address. It is also advisable to always have clear visual references of you as an individual on your social media profiles.



This is the exciting part of the process, creating magic, exploring everyones craft and bring the story to life. For us it has been a privilege to work with amazing individuals that exceed our expectations and assist in creating a phenomenal end product.