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About us

  1. The Journey

    The Beginning

    We started shooting music videos featuring independent artists from the Western Townships.  We also did an independent documentary for the biggest Hip Hop movement in Soweto, titled  “The Deep Soweto Story”.

  2. Our 1st Film Production

    Okae Molao

    A young drug dealer, with his friends, trying to navigate through life in a rough and poverty stricken community, find themselves in the midst of a drug war. But things take a hairpin turn when he loses the only family he has to an overdose of his merchandise.

  3. Our 1st International short film


    A nerdy urban student who finds out that his varsity lover is actually the new queen of a rural clan, goes through the gruelling process of becoming a warrior clansman of her tribe.

  4. Okae Molao

    SAFTA Golden Horn award

    Accolades are granted in recognition of good work and the success thereof. A SAFTA Made for TV Golden Horn was received for our first film production Okae Molao. A proud milestone.

  5. Our 1st Reality show

    Material Culture

    There’s having a side-hustle, and then going full-hustle … and nothing epitomises hustle like the skhothane scene in South Africa’s townships. Homeboys in their silk shirts, Italian shoes, Johnnie Walker Blue. From Kathehong to Tembisa, from Eldorado Park to Soweto. Skhothane is all about the threads, the dance-offs, vula boot in the parks—born-frees with money on their mind, and their mind on the money.

  6. Lawki Productions Independent Collabo

    Love and Horses

    Set in present day Johannesburg-South Africa, Love & Horses is an off the book modern romantic and comedic character driven film that follows the story of two Sowetan young adults whose paths cross again after having been separated for over a decade.

  7. a

    film by Aaron Walker

  8. action

    film by Blake Kelly


Why is it so important that we tell authentic South African stories?

We understand that everybody has a story to tell, no matter where they come from or what their circumstances are, especially those from the township. We took it upon ourselves to bring the untold authentic stories to the world.


creative team

Samuel Leburu

Founder and Executive Director

Mapitso Baloyi

Executive Director and Producer